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Central Valley PACE Integrity

Welcome to the Central Valley PACE Compliance home page. Central Valley PACE is committed to ensuring the integrity of its operations. The purpose of the Compliance Hotline is to establish a confidential avenue for PACE employees and contractors to report suspected violations of compliance policies, laws and regulations, and/or unethical behavior. The Compliance Hotline may be used to report any instance of noncompliance with a federal, state, or local law, other legal obligation, or an institutional policy or procedure. The following are examples of noncompliance that may be reported through the compliance hotline:

  • Conflicts of interest or other unethical practices
  • Financial reporting or accounting irregularities
  • Fraud, theft, or embezzlement
  • Safety or environmental problems
  • Sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking
  • Threats to information security or data privacy
  • Violation of anti-discrimination or equal opportunity laws
  • Violation of HHS rules
  • Violation of tax laws or IRS regulations
  • Waste, abuse, or misuse of resources
  • Workplace violence

You may report compliance issues through the Compliance Hotline (866) 818-6185. You will be prompted to leave a message describing the compliance issue and whether or not you would like to be contacted. Information retrieved from the voice message will be transferred to an incident reporting system (IRS) for logging and tracking purposes.

You may fill also fill out the following form to report compliance matters. Be sure to check the box if you would like someone to contact you:

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