Central Valley PACE services & programs

Central Valley PACE is a program that provides comprehensive health care, medication, therapy, transportation, social interaction at the PACE center, hot meals, and even adaptive equipment for their home to provide a safe environment.

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Comprehensive health, wellness and social plan customized for your needs

Services provided by Central Valley PACE include:

  • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision and specialist care
  • Personalized preventive care and management of chronic conditions
  • Adult day program including therapeutic recreation
  • Therapies for Seniors - Physical, occupational and other therapies
  • Home Care Assistance & Treatment
  • Meals and nutritional counseling
  • Transportation services
  • Wellness Center
  • Diagnostic and laboratory tests
  • Prescription medications, medical supplies and equipment

Some services listed above require pre-authorization and are made available based on a determination of physical and psychosocial needs made jointly by your Interdisciplinary team and you.

Therapies for Seniors

Central Valley PACE provides several therapies for program participants. Our therapy programs are designed to foster independence, communication, and overall health in our participants who live on their own but still need some assistance with daily activities.

Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Our occupational therapy department focuses on activities of daily living, which addresses everyday tasks such as self-feeding, dressing, bathing, meal preparation, etc.

We also provide a one-on-one individual wellness program that is overseen by a skilled therapist to help participants maintain their functional independence. ​

Additionally, durable medical equipment will be loaned to participants to help them maintain independence in their home. This equipment may include rolling walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs, grab bars, ramps, handrails, and other items. An occupational therapist will work with your loved one on an individual basis, focusing on any areas they need help with.

Physical Therapy for Seniors

Our therapy department oversees the PACE Your Way to Wellness program, which includes an onsite Tai Chi class, walking club, and open gym that is run by the restorative aides for prevention.

We also partner with Pete White Health and Wellness Center and Healthy Living OKC. PACE provides a gym membership and transportation to the fitness center to help qualified participants to meet their wellness goals.

Finally, we provide a fall prevention program. This an 8-week Matter of Balance course for participants which takes place at the PACE site.

Senior Care Services

CV PACE provides at home senior care services in addition to our Adult Day Care services at our center. Our CV PACE Home Health Team will visit the participant’s hom e to assist with household tasks such as light housekeeping, bathing assistance, and light meal preparation as needed.

Additionally, we will evaluate your loved one’s residence to determine if we can provide any equipment (ramps, handrails, shower seats, etc.) to make their home safer.

While Medicare doesn’t generally cover in-home assistance for elderly care, the PACE program is the one exception to this stipulation.

Home Care

When your medical needs require care outside of our Day Center and beyond outside medical appointments, Central Valley PACE home care services can help.

Depending on your specific needs, a home care worker may visit you at your home once a week, a few times per week, or even every day. CV Pace home care workers may include an aide, a registered nurse (RN) or your personal RN Care Manager.

All CV PACE home care staff are part of a highly professional team. We conduct thorough background checks, training and oversight of our team at all times to ensure you are only receiving the highest level of care and safety.

Tasks CV PACE home care workers may assist with include:
• Getting dressed
• Organizing medications
• Meal preparation
• Laundry
• Light chores
• And more

As with all services, home care services are provided and paid for as part of your program.

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Meals & nutritional services for older adults

When your loved one is under our care, they can always count on receiving a tasty, hot meal served in a social setting. But our food services go beyond daily meals, to also include the following nutritional services:

  • Counseling with a Registered Dietitian – Personalized, professional assessment to determine the individual’s unique dietary needs and track nutritional status over time; includes initial and periodic assessments
  • Nutritional education and classes – Education on healthy meal choices to meet nutritional needs and manage weight & chronic diseases; one-on-one and group education sessions
  • Assistance with meal prep – Guidance on meal planning and preparation to assemble time-saving, healthy meals in advance for the entire week, taking into account mobility limitations and/or disability
  • Help with food insecurity – Addressing any caloric deficits and assessing the underlying issue or issues causing the patient to under-eat (such as oral problems, poor appetite, dementia, difficulty getting to the grocery store, etc.)

Nutritional Care

As a result of spending the day at our center, your family member will not only meet daily caloric and nutritional needs, but they will also receive comprehensive nutritional assistance and guidance that will make mealtime and healthy snacking easier when they go home.

Additionally, day center participants will come home with a professional evaluation & recommendations, which your family along with your loved one’s physician can review to address or prevent any nutritional deficits.

Meals & Snacks

We serve our nutritious food in a <=strong>pleasant social setting, an important factor which has been demonstrated to increase food intake in the elderly. In addition to meals and snacks, we also provide nutritional supplements to participants who have difficulty getting enough calories.

Meals and other nutritional services are delivered according to national PACE guidelines, ensuring a high standard of nutritional care designed to keep older adults thriving.

Transportation for Seniors

Central Valley PACE Transportation Services for Seniors.

Central Valley PACE knows that transportation can be a challenge for seniors. That is why our transport team provides door-to-door service for all medically necessary appointments, at no cost anywhere in the CV PACE service area. This includes transportation to and from the CV PACE Day Center for medical services and transportation to and from specialty doctors’ visits.

Thanks to Medicare-covered PACE transportation services, the Central Valley PACE program participants can get to all of their medical appointments free of charge without having to drive or coordinate their own transportation.

Our staff will handle all of the transportation planning and scheduling. Our medical transport vehicles can accommodate wheelchairs and personal medical equipment, if necessary.

Transportation for Seniors to All Medical Appointments

Whether it’s for an appointment with the optometrist or a routine dental visit, our PACE transport team is always available to transport program participants to and from all their health care appointments.

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Senior Wellness Center

Central Valley PACE is a senior wellness center that can serve as an alternative to assisted living or nursing home care. With CV PACE’s daily activities, hot meals, and in-house medical staff, participants’ social, nutritional, and health needs are all addressed in a pleasant daytime environment. Your loved one can maintain an active, independent life, thanks to daily visits to our center.

Nursing Home Alternative

For many seniors who want to remain living in their home, CV PACE provides a viable alternative to assisted living or nursing home care. Depending on the level of care your loved one needs, a daytime program such as the one offered by CV PACE can help keep them active during the day, but able to return home every night. Transportation is provided, so all that’s needed is their presence!

Activities & Socialization

Boredom and loneliness are major reasons why many older adults, though healthy, decide to move out of their homes and into senior living. What if there was an alternative that provides daily activities, socialization, and routine, without the need to move?

Whether your loved one enjoys card games, board games, knitting, bingo, movies, or just socializing with friends, CV PACE provides them the opportunity to do just that. They can see what’s ahead in the weekly schedule, giving them an enjoyable routine and a sense of belonging to part of a group where they play an active role.

Hot Meals & Snacks

Access to regular meals is another reason many families decide assisted living is right for their loved one. This is especially the case when someone is dealing with memory problems or physical weakness. Daily meal preparation can also feel like too much of a chore for someone who has lost a spouse.

At Central Valley PACE, we take care of the cooking and cleanup so your loved one doesn’t have to. Daily hot meals and snacks provide nutrition and comfort, so our CV PACE participants can use their energy for activities they enjoy.

Additionally, we have a dietitian who will evaluate each participant’s nutritional needs with a personalized plan to address any deficits in terms of nutrition or calories.

Medical Care

Medical care provided at the CV PACE wellness center includes primary care, physical therapy, mental healthcare, and medication management. For many of our seniors, daily medication management and physical therapy are of especial importance in maintaining overall health and wellness.

We also help your loved one with any medical device needs and safety/accessibility needs at home so they can be safer when they leave our center.

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